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Site Last Updated Today: September 22, 2018
Updated July 30, 2007 Trinity Post was deep in R.E.M sleep when her friend Cassandra Cruz, a hot Latina, came over. Cassandra wasn't surprised to see Tinity knocked out, in fact, she was hoping to find her like this. Last night, they were both out partying, and Cassandra made sure that Trinity would be dead tired when she got home. You see, a few weeks ago when Cassandra was sleeping, Trinity and her bf came over and licked her ass really good - Dino came in her asshole too. Cassandra was here to return the favor!
Updated July 23, 2007 Aline and Richelle Ryan went to grab their hot friend Joclyn for some ice cream. When they arrived at her house, they found her passed out in a pair of hot purple panties and bra. They tried to wake her but it was no use. But what about ice cream?! Aline then remembered seeing some in the freezer the last time she was over. So they went to retrieve it, but to their disappointment there was no ice cream there. But they did find a can of whipped cream with which took turns licking off Joclyn's hot ass!
Updated July 16, 2007 The scene starts off with Ariel, sprawled out, ass up, and knocked out from downing a whole bottle of wine, in a hot revealing little outfit. Just when you think the scene can't get any hotter as the camera pans up and down and zooms in and out all over her gorgeous face and body, her equally hot blonde friend Sabrina enters the scene. They had plans to go out, but how could she feel mad at Ariel with her hot ass sticking out of her nighty like that? Things take another turn for the better when Sabrina spreads Ariel's ass cheeks and tongues her down!
Updated July 9, 2007 Lisa and Quinn went to pick up their their hot friend Sativa Rose for movie night, but when they got there they found her lying knocked out on the couch wearing nothing but a tiny tank and a cute pink pair of panties. They tried to wake her but Sativa is notorious for being a deep sleeper. They figure a few slaps on the butt would wake her for sure, but she doesn't even budge. Well if they can't go watch the action movie they planned to see, they figure they'll bring the action in to the living room with some ass licking thrills!
Updated July 2, 2007 Ariel has been friends with her hot blonde friend, Sabrina, since they were young. Ariel, a closet bisexual, has also always had a crush on her but was always afraid to act on her feelings. But as time goes by and they grow closer as friends, her attraction also intensifies. Ariel decides to have her sleep over. During dinner she slips a few sleeping pills into Sabrina's drink. Sabrina falls fast asleep and Ariel acts quickly. She gives her a quick shake and calls her name. When she doesn't wake, Ariel knows this is her chance to do what she's always wanted to; that is to give her a hot sensual tushy licking!
Updated June 25, 2007 Dino Bravo and hot firey red head, Trinity Post, met up together to pick up their friend Cassandra Cruz for lunch. When the two got there, Cassandra was dead asleep and still sporting her sexy pj's. The tried yelling and shaking her but all that did was make her luscious ass jiggle without waking her up. Looks like someone partied too hard last night! The two decided to leave her behind and go eat without her, but not before they spoiled their appetites with a nice serving of ass licking!
Updated June 18, 2007 Blondes do have more fun - even when they are unconcious! Watch as this hot blonde bomb shell creeps up on another who's deep into her sleep. She tries to wake her sister but she's knocked out cold. She's seen her sister naked countless times through out her life and has always wanted to taste her body, speciall the best part, the asshole. Without much hesitation, she goes forward and lets her curiousity take over.
Updated June 11, 2007 A hot blonde and brunette go to grab their friend for some serious drinking and partying. When they get there, they find her dead asleep. What a party pooper! Well, these girls aren't going to let this little set back spoil their fun. If they can't bring her to the party, they decide to bring the party to her! So they pull down her panties and have a ball!
Updated June 4, 2007 Carly Parker came home from a long day of work and laid down in front of the fireplace to rest. While she was sleeping her roommate Haley Paige and her boyfriend Michael stopped by to visit her. When they found her on the floor, they decided to check out her goods! They pulled down her pants exposing her big plump ass. They slowly pulled down her panties and took turns giving her a deep tushy licking!
Updated May 28, 2007 Katja Kassin was waiting for her friends to come over so they could go out and party. She laid down on the couch to wait, and fell asleep. When her friends got there they found her resting peacefully on the couch. They decided to play with their sleeping friend! They pulled down her panties and took turns licking and playing with her tight ass!
Updated May 21, 2007 Lisa got home from work and laid down to take a nap. While she was resting her best friends Sheila and Sativa Rose stopped by to visit her. They found her on the couch resting and Sativa told Sheila to watch what she was going to do. She waked over to the couch, pulled down Lisa's panties and proceeded to give her a deep tongue ass licking!
Updated May 14, 2007 Aline was hanging out with her friends Joclyn and Richelle Ryan at their bar in their house when she got very sleepy. They were going to go out to the clubs, but Aline wanted to take a quick rest before they went out. While she was resting, her two roommates found her, and decided to take advantage of their friend! They pulled down her stockings and panties and gave her ass a deep tongue fucking!






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