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Site Last Updated Today: September 22, 2018
Updated October 22, 2007 Jenny found her hot roommate, Kayla Carrera, passed out on the couch with her perky ass exposed. Jenny and her roomy have been messing around lately so she was sure she wouldn't mind if Jenny pulled down her panties and licked her ass. So she did just that. Jenny stripped off Kayla's underwear and proceeded to tongue down her ass and her pussy!
Updated October 15, 2007 Mia Smiles is a hot Asian slut that was hungry for some ass, literally. She has been trying to get her friend Whitney to let her toss her salad, but Whitney has be reluctant. So Mia decided to spike Whitney's margarita with stuff potent enough to knock her out pretty quickly. As soon as Whitney was passed out, Mia pulled Whitney's pants off and give has ass a hot tongue bath!
Updated October 8, 2007 Carolyn Reese was knocked out when her hot roommate, Kayla Carrera, came in an found her in a smoking nighty and see through panties. Kayla was on her cell and her friend on the other end dared her to lick her ass. Well Kayla was never one to shy away from a dare and Carolyn's ass just looked so fucking tasty, so she set the phone down so her friend could hear as she had Carolyn's ass for lunch!
Updated October 1, 2007 Roma had plans to go to the mall with her hot roommate Nadia. But when she went to get her, Nadia was still passed out on the couch. Roma was determined to wake her because this would be the third time that Nadia flaked out on a promise. She shook Nadia and yelled out to her, but was met with no success. She spanked her but all that did was turn her attention from the mall to how damn sexy Nadia's ass was. Roma decide that if she wasn't going to get to go to the mall, she might as well take a trip down town with her tongue into Nadia's sweet crack!!
Updated September 24, 2007 Denice K asked her hot friend, Rachel Roxx, to watch her kitten while she was at work. When Denice came home, she found Rachel sound asleep next to the kitty food bowl. Looks like chasing the little pussy all day wore her out. Denice thought that her friend's kitty-sitting gesture deserved a nice favor in return. So just like her cat likes to lick people, Denice decided to do the same to Rachel's fine ass!
Updated September 17, 2007 Roma is a hot mess. She's messy and all she likes to do is to sleep all day. Her sexy roommate, Nadia, came in and found her lying face down on the floor. When she tried to motivate her to clean up, Roma wouldn't hear of it and continued to sleep. Nadia decided to try another tactic. She spread her cheeks open and started licking her ass. That didn't wake her either but at least Nadia got to enjoy her sweet ass!
Updated September 10, 2007 Eve was serving detention for getting caught giving a sloppy blow job under the stairway in school. They shut her away in a room by herself when the regular school day was over. With no one watching her, she fell asleep on the desk. Before long, hot Rachel Roxx, who was late for detention found Eve sound asleep on the table with her ass and undies in the air. With no one around she decided to make the best of her punishment and get herself in on some ass licking fun!
Updated September 3, 2007 Savannah Stein is a sexy student studying to be a masseuse. She just got her massage bed and was anxious to try it so she invited her hot Asian friend, Ashle Marie, over so she could practice on her. Ashle had a long hard night and jumped at the chance for a free massage. When she lied down on the bed, she fell asleep in an instant. Savannah was originally planning on giving her a whole body massage, but when she saw Ashley's fine ass sticking up, it's the only thing she cared to focus on!
Updated August 27, 2007 Rachel Roxx was waiting for her hot friend, Denice K, to come over with some pizza. Rachel got the beer and movies they were planning to watch earlier. Denice was taking awhile so she decided to get a head start on the beer. After two beers this light weight was knocked out. When Denice finally arrived with the pizza and found Rachel asleep, her appetite quickly changed from wanting to eat the pizza to Rachel's hot ass!
Updated August 20, 2007 Katrina was baby sitting Vanessa, who is a rowdy and disrespectful teenager. Katrina felt that she was losing control of Vanessa so she decided to trick Vanessa into drinking a shot of alcohol that was really mixed with drowsy cold medication. Before long she was knocked out. Katrina noticed that when Vanessa wasn't awake and annoying her like crazy, that she was actually super hot. So hot that she couldn't help but pull her shorts down and lick her ass!
Updated August 13, 2007 Harmony Rose was knocked out by the fire place. I guess she was hot from all the flames because she was wearing nothing but her bra and panties, and she looked hot! Her friend, Alexis Silver, would have to agree. When she came in and found Harmony incapacitated, she couldn't help but take her clothes of and go to town on that scrumptious ass, while she touched herself!
Updated August 6, 2007 Carly Parker was knocked out from a little get together she held with her boyfriend Michael the night before. Haley Paige is her hot best friend who spent the night because she's not one to drink and drive. She woke up this morning and wanted to go shopping. Her and Mike tried to wake Carly up but she had too much fun the night before. So Mike decided to start licking her ass in hopes that Haley would join in. Although she was hesitant at first, shortly after she was plowing her face and tongue into her ass!






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