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Site Last Updated Today: September 22, 2018
Updated January 14, 2008 Sally got kicked out of her house and she needed a place to stay. To make matters worse, she wasn't working. However, she had a lesbian friend, named Jessie, that she knew had the hots for her. So she ask if she could stay at her place for free. Jessie told her that she'd allow her to stay provided that Sally gave her some sexual privileges. Sally isn't a lesbian or bisexual so it was a hard sell for her, but being that she had no other options, they agreed on mutual ground. The deal that came out of this arrangement was that Jessie would only be able to lick her ass and only when Sally was asleep. Jessie agreed and on the first night, after Sally fell asleep, Jessie licked her ass and her pussy till she was satisfied!
Updated January 7, 2007 Awhile back, Kelly fell asleep and woke up with a wet asshole and had no idea how that happened. She eventually found out who did it through a mutual friend of her own and the ass licking culprit, Meagan. When Kelly went to confront Meagan, she found her sleeping on the floor, which was perfect for getting even. She pulled down Meagan's panties and finger banged her as hard and as long as she could without waking her!
Updated January 1 2007 Bridget's boyfriend Tommy came over for a quiet movie night at her home. But when he got there she was sleeping like a little baby and Tommy couldn't be happier. He's been trying to talk her into letting him lick her ass but she's always said no. Well, there's no saying "No" or anything for that matter when you're asleep. So he took advantage of the situation. Tommy pulled down her panties and licked and finger banged her ass till he had his fill!
Updated December 24 2007 Jill's house was a wreck after the party she threw. Lucky for her, she has a live in house keeper named Maria. It took Maria an entire day of scrubbing and cleaning to get the place back to its original form. By then, she was completely drained and fell asleep on the couch before she could even make it back to her bed. When Jill arrived home and saw her house so nice, she couldn't wait to thank Maria. Even though she found her sound asleep, Jill thought that she would show her appreciation by kissing her ass, literally. Jill proceeded to pull down Maria's pants and panties and sensually made out with her asshole!
Updated December 17 2007 Jackie and Sabrina were studying for their finals together. After a whole night of cramming, they were both super sleepy. It was Jackie's turn to make a coffee run so she went to go pick up the Joe. But she was too late. When she got back, Sabrina had fallen asleep right on the floor. Jackie tried to wake her, but it was no use. By that time Jackie was wired from the coffee, but didn't feel like studying without a partner so she decided to get frisky. She pulled down Sabrina's pj's and thong and proceeded to engage in some sultry ass licking!
Bonus Update
Bonus Update December 17, 2007 Michelle, Lucy, and Steph were hanging out together when Lucy brought up the idea of ass licking. She said her boyfriend tried it on her and it really turned her on. Michelle said she wanted to see what it felt like, and asked Steph and Lucy to try it on her. The girls said they would love to give it a try!
Updated December 10, 2007 Ruby and Jenny were supposed to go lunch together, but when Jenny arrived, Ruby was no where to be found. She searched the house and found her laying in bed, totally asleep. There was no way that Jenny was going to sit at a restaurant by herself, so she tried to wake her up, but Ruby wouldn't wake up. Jenny decided that if she wasn't going to eat out, she'd eat in by helping herself to Ruby's luscious ass!
Updated December 3, 2007 Leanne, a hot Asian import, fell dead asleep as soon as she touched her bed. She was super tired from pulling a double shift down at the massage parlor. When her gf Debbie came home, she thought she'd give Leanne a massage of her own. Debbie got so horny from squeezing her legs and caressing her ass that she decided to lick her pussy and ass crack as well!
Updated November 26, 2007 Amy came home from stripping and dancing on stage all night and flopped onto the couch and fell dead asleep. However her girlfriend, Jen, was wide awake and wanted some action. Amy was all curled up so the only opening Jen had access to was Amy's booty. This was good enough for her! Jen pulled down Amy's shorts and underwear and proceeded to give her a passionate ass licking!
Updated November 19, 2007 Tom's found his two smoking hot roommates, Tiffany and Tonya, asleep next to each other wearing nothing but their hot and sexy nighties. He knew that they were probably talking about boys into all ours of the night and just passed out. This was an opportunity for some action that he couldn't pass up. He sneaked onto the bed, and took turns licking their sweet asses!
Updated November 12, 2007 Ruby and Jenny had a huge test coming up on Monday, in their Sexual Exploration class, so they decided to spend the whole weekend together studying. After two straight days of sleep deprivation, it was time to get some shut eye. Ruby went to bed first while Jenny freshened up in the bathroom. When she came out, Ruby was already knocked out with her ass sticking up and looking so nice. Ruby had trouble with the anal licking part of the text she was reading, so she thought that if she had real experience with doing it herself, she'd be better off for the test. So she opened her mouth and went to town on Ruby's fine ass!
Updated November 5, 2007 Jenny, a hot long haired blond with big tits, went to borrow a shirt from her roommate but when she opened the door, she found Melanie dead asleep. Jenny couldn't help but notice how sexy Melanie looked in her cute checkered nighty and decided to take them off to reveal a round and perky ass. Jenny got so excited that she started touching herself while she licked Melanie's perfect asshole!
Updated October 29, 2007 Kennedy Winters studied through the whole week for her midterms with barely any sleep. So after her tests was over, she couldn't wait to get home for some desperately needed shut eye. However, she got back to her Sorority House, she found that everyone was getting ready for a huge post midterm party. Even though the music was blasting she fell right asleep. During the night hot drunk lesbian found herself into Kennedy's room. She pulled down Kennedy's pink undies and helped herself to a nice ass licking!!






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