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Site Last Updated Today: September 22, 2018
Updated June 27, 2008 Jessica couldnt sleep. All she could think about was going to work the next day. After deciding to grab a drink of water in the kitchen, she noticed Rebecca's door was open. She peeked in and noticed how cute Rebecca's ass looked in ther cotton pajamas, and decided to take a closer look. Once she was on the bed, she couldn't help it and has to stick her face in Rebecca's crack. Removing her panties, Jessica went all the way with Rebecca, who was fast asleep from Nyquil until the next day!
Updated June 20, 2008 Kendra got really drunk in the morning and passed out before Lily came home for lunch. Even though Kendra was fast asleep, Lily just counm't keep away from Kendra's tight little asshole. After some thought, Lily decided she was going to sneak her little tongue in between Kendra's crack. Keeping quiet she explored the tiny opening with her mouth and her fingers, making sure not to wake Kendra of Lily's lunchtime meal would surely be spoiled!
Updated June 13, 2008 Lani's best friend Tammy fell asleep on the couch in her lingerie. Her ass was looking so hot in that outfit that Lani couldn't help but sit down next to her to get a closer look. After she massaged it and kneaded the buttocks long enough to wet her appetite, she pulled down her panties and licked away at her sweet tushy!
Updated June 6, 2008 Michelle fell asleep on the couch. Rene came in and sat beside her. She found Michelle to be very attractive lying there on the couch. So she decided to take off her panties and massaged her tushy before going down on her ass!
Updated May 30, 2008 Lani was very tired after class so she decided to lay down and take a nap. While she was resting her best friend stopped by to visit her. Her friend found her on the couch sleeping and decided to take advantage of her! She quietly sat down beside her, lifted up her skirt and licked her ass!

Updated May 23, 2008 Danika walked by her roommate, Bridgette's, room and saw that the door was open. So she walked in and found Bridgette resting on the couch by herself. Jessie knew no one else was around at home so she decided to take advantage of the situation. She moved slowly onto the couch and then slid her underwear down to her thighs. After playing with her butt for awhile she gave her a nice erotic ass licking!

Updated May 16, 2008 Rita decided to stop by her best friend, Alysa's, for a surprise visit. She walked into the living room and found her sleeping on the couch. She saw a bottle of cold medicine on the coffee table so she knew that Alysa was out for the count. Rita quietly climbed next to her and carefully pulled down Alysa's panties and proceeded to lick her asshole!

Updated May 9, 2008 Sam and Liden were supposed to go lunch together, but when Sam arrived, Liden was no where to be found. She searched the house and found her in the basement sleeping. Sam wasn't going to sit at a restaurant by herself, so she tried to wake her, but she was met with no success. Sam decided that if she wasn't going to eat out, she'd eat in by helping herself to Liden's luscious ass!
Bonus Update May 9, 2008 While his girlfriend is at work Otto Baur puts the moves on her best friend, Chelsea Ray. She rubs his cock and he strips her clothes off, but when they start fucking, Kylie Reese comes home and catches them red-handed! She needs to punish her friend for fucking Otto so she gets her strapon dildo out and violates her every hole with it while her boyfriend watches, then lets him join in and fuck her in her tight asshole!!
Updated May 2, 2008 Minka's class was canceled so she decided to take a nap on her teacher's desk. She had a long night so she was out cold. A couple that also teachers at the school found her snoozing like a hibernating bear. These two are really into public sex but neither of them had a rubber on them. So instead she took off Minka's panties and whipped out his dick. She played with both till he exploded on her ass!
Updated April 25, 2008 Alysa was very excited to go over Rita's house. Last night, they where on the phone and after Alysa spent a lot of time pleading, she was able to convince Rita to let her lick her booty. But when Alysa got to her house, she was sound asleep. I guess the late night conversation took it's toll on her but Alysa didn't care. A promise is a promise. So when Alysa couldn't wake her, she went ahead and ate her ass out anyway!
Updated April 18, 2008 Jamie and her best friend Shaney went on a night out on the town, and after hours of partying partying they arrived arrived back at Jamie's house. They were so excited from partying they decided to continue enjoying each other's company at home. Jamie went in to shower and by the time she was finished, Shaney was no longer awake - she could never party on Jamie's level. Since Jamie still had energy, she decided to pull down Shaney's pj's and give her a hot ass licking!
Updated April 11, 2008 Liden wanted to surprise visit her best friend Sam by showing up early at her place and taking her out to a nice breakfeast. When she showed up, no one answered the door bell so she let herself in. She walked into the bedroom and found Sam still sleeping. She walked over to her and removed the covers to find Sam lying in very sexy underwear. She then pulled her panties down and gave her tushy a nice erotic ass licking!!






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