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Susan was taking a nap when her best friend Sara stopped by to visit her. She let herself into the house like she normally does but couldnt find Susan. She checked the bedroom and found her sound asleep on the bed. She always hears Susan's boyfriend bragging about how wonderful her ass tastes, so Sara now had the perfect opportunity to find out for herself! Watch what she does next to her sleeping friend!
Pete dropped by his girlfriends house to visit her. She had a long day of classes and was just relaxing during her break. He walked into the room and climbed into bed with her. He slowly pulled back the covers exposing her tight ass. What a nice ass, he thought. He had to stick his tongue in between in her cheeks!
Katrina was extremely tired after a long day of studying so before she had to work a double shift she decided to come home to relax. While she was resting up her best friend stopped by for a surprise visit. She climbed into bed with Katrina and slowly pulled down her panties. She then bent over and gave her tushy an erotic ass licking!
Updated September 5, 2008 One night after Felicity was resting and Jackie decided to stop by and visit her. She entered her room, and slowly climbed into bed with her. She then slowly removed her panties exposing her cute ass. She didn't want to rush things so she went nice and slow! Licking and kissing her nice, tight brownie!
Updated August 29, 2008 Beth had her roomates cute tushy on her mind all day. When she got home she couldn't keep her hands off her roommates ass! Watch as she pulls down her pants exposing her ass. She then bent over and gave her tushy a nice erotic tongue fucking!
Updated August 22, 2008 Brenda was in her bedroom when her roommate came home. Her roommate Naima is a very busty blonde who loves to play with Brenda's firm ass. She slowly walks into Brenda's room and climbs into bed with her. She then pulls down Brenda's panties and gives her tushy a nice kiss.
Updated August 15, 2008 Danielle always fantasized about making love to her best friend. They usually took nude naps together, and would cuddle, but never took it any further. One day while relaxing together, Danielle's boyfriend Ken decided it was time to make his move. He slowly turned Beatrice over exposing her tight body. Danielle and Ken were in heaven!
Updated August 1, 2008 Sara was so tired, she had been at school all day and had not slept the previous night. She quickly passed out after putting her head against the pillow. Not too long after, her friend Jill wandered in and noticed the cutie passed out. This was her turn to pounce, she knelt down next to her best friend and gave her ass an extremely good licking!
Updated July 25, 2008 Brittany came home to her apartment during her hour break. During her nap her best friend Francesca came over to visit her. She walked in and found Brittany. Looking at her cute tushy really turned her on. She walked over the bed and knelt down beside her. She quietly pulled down Brittany's panties and gave her tushy an erotic ass licking!
Updated July 18, 2008 Alyssa got home after a really long day at work. She was relaxing when she saw her friend had stopped by for a surprise visit. She found Lisa sleeping on the sofa and quickly became very aroused. After slowly climbing onto the couch she pulled down Lisa's panties and proceeded to give her ass a nice erotic licking!
Updated July 11, 2008 Tamara was extremely tired for working a double shift at work. She came home and laid down on the bed to rest up. Her friend decided to stop by so they could go shopping and found Tamara resting in her bed. She quietly climbed onto the bed, pulled down her friend's panties and gave her a very deep ass licking!s!
Bonus Update July 4, 2008 Beyonce and Kelly stayed in to watch the tube over a few beers. After, Beyonce decided to go grab some ice cream from the local market. After all the beer and pizza, Kelly was knocked out before Beyonce got home. When she finally arrived, she was empty handed because the store was closed. When found Kelly asleep, her appetite quickly changed from ice cream to Beyonce's hot ass!
Bonus Update July 4, 2008 Billy and Mandy where working out together. As he was doing his abs on the leg lift station, he couldn't help but get turned on as he watched Mandy's hot ass moving on the step machine. She turned around and saw his boner sticking out as he was working his abs. That's when she decided to work on her forearm muscles by gripping his dick and jerking it till he exploded on her sweet tits!






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