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Sound A Sleep
Michael came home from work, and found her girlfriend in the bed. She has a beautiful ass and it really turned her on. She slowly lowered her shorts exposing her very cute ass. Watch as she plays with her hot tight tushy!
Passed Out Drunk
The scene starts off with Ariel, sprawled out, ass up, and knocked out from downing a whole bottle of vodka, in a hot revealing little outfit. Just when you think the scene can't get any hotter as the camera pans up and down and zooms in and out all over her gorgeous face and body, her equally hot blonde friend Sabrina enters the scene. They had plans to go out, but how could she feel mad at Ariel with her hot ass sticking out of her nighty like that?
Nap Time Licker
Courtney came home from work and laid down on the couch to rest up before going out to party. While she was resting one of her friends stopped by to visit her. He walked into the room and noticed Courtney was home all alone and was resting on the couch. He climbed onto the couch next to her and slowly pulled down her panties. He then bent over and gave her asshole a nice long erotic licking!
Brunette Gets Licked
Michelle was resting up right before her next escorting job. While she was resting her best friend Katie stopped by to pick her up for the night. When she realized that she Michelle was not ready she decided to surprise her! She walked into the living room and slowly climbed onto to the couch. She then slowly pulled down her best friend's panties!
Sleeping Best Friend
Michelle was staying over her best friends house for the weekend. On Saturday morning, her friend woke up and Michelle was still on the bed. She walked into the room and knew this was her perfect chance to see what Michelle's boyfriend has been bragging about for so long! She pulled back Michelle's panties exposing her cute tushy. It was so pretty she bent over and licked it!!!
Licked While Napping
Tara had a long weekend of partying so when her friend came to her dorm room to go to class on Monday, Tara decided to skip class. She knew this was going to be her perfect opportunity to get to know her friend a little better. She climbed onto the bed and pulled down her panties exposing her cute tushy. She then bent over and gave it a nice erotic ass licking!
Sleeping Beauty Lick

Anne decided to pay her best friend a surprise visit. When she entered her condo she found Nikki on the couch. She walked over to her, and slowly lifted up her skirt exposing her beautiful tight ass. She pulled down her panties and gave her tushy a nice long lick! Watch as this beautiful blonde plays and licks her best friend!

Brunette Taking Nap
Sara came home after a long day or work and decided to rest on the couch before going out to the club. She took off her pants to get more comfortable and laid down. While she was resting, her roommate came home and found her on the couch. She walked up to her, pulled down her panties and gave her ass an erotic ass licking!
Licked While Napping
Wendy came home from work to rest up before her 3rd shift. She was extremely tired so she thought it would be a good idea to relax. Just then her neighbor stopped by to say hello. She kneeled down by the couch and pulled down Wendy's panties. She then bent over and gave her an erotic ass licking!
Day Dreamers

Michelle was relaxing in bed with her clothes on, when her roommate came home from working out. Her roommate saw Michelle peacefully relaxing and it really turned her on. She climbed into bed with Michelle and pulled back the covers revealing her nice tight ass! Watch how she uses her toy in Michelle's relaxing asshole!

Couch Queen
Michelle came home from class one day to find a her friend relaxing on her couch. Looking at how peaceful she looked, Michelle got really turned on. She knew this was the perfect opportunity to play with her cute friend ass. She walks up to her friend, bends over getting real close to her. Watch what she does next!
Sleeping Cutie
Karen came home from work, and laid down on the floor to watch TV. While she was sleeping her friend Shie came over and found her relaxing. She slowly crept up to her, and pulled down her panties. She then proceeded to lick her friends tushy!






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