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Licked While Napping
Wendy came home from work to rest up before her second shift. She was extremely tired so she thought it would be a good idea to relax. Just then her neighbor stopped by to say hello. She climbed onto the couch and pulled down Wendy's panties. She then bent over and gave her an erotic ass licking! See what happens when she awakes!!
A Long Time Coming!
Jackie always fantasized about making love to her best friend. They usually took showers together, and would wash each others bodies, but never took it any further. One day while relaxing together, Jackie decided it was time to make her move. She slowly turned Lauren over while she was asleep and she exposed her tight body. Jackie was in heaven!
Sleeping & Licked!
Deanna had a long day at work and came home on her break. While she was relaxing her friend stopped by for a surprise visit. The door was open so she just walked in. She found Lisa on the couch and was very turned on. She quietly climbed onto the couch and pulled down Lisa's panties. She then proceeded to give her ass a nice erotic licking!
Carry is bisexual and has a huge crush on her roommate Spring. She was embarrassed to make the first move, but when she came home and saw Spring on the couch, she knew she had to take advantage of the opportunity. She quietly climbed onto the couch with her, and pulled down her panties exposing Spring's tight asshole. She then slowly climbed into bed and gave Kim's tushy a nice little kiss!
Sleeping Beauty
Veronica got home from a long day of classes and was very tired. She was laying on the couch when her friend stopped by. She walked into the bedroom and saw her on the bed. Looking at her beautiful firm ass really got her excited. She climbed onto the bed and slowly pulled down Veronica's panties. Becky then bent over and licked her asshole!
Tight Sleeper
Missy was in her bedroom when her roommate came home. Her roommate Katie is a very pretty brunette who loves to play with Missy's firm ass. She slowly walks into Missy's room and climbs into bed with her. She then pulls down Missy's panties and gives her tushy a nice kiss.
3's Company
Amy went to grab her hot friends Richelle and Joyce for some ice cream. When she arrived at there house, she found them passed out in a pair of hot thongs and no bra. She tried to wake them but it was no use. But what about ice cream?! Amy then remembered seeing some in the freezer the last time she was over. So she went to retrieve it, but to their disappointment there was no ice cream there. But she did find a nice toy to play with!!
Ass Pleasure
One night after Michelle was resting, Jackie stopped by to visit her. She entered her room, and slowly climbed into bed with her. She then slowly removed her panties exposing her cute ass. She didn't want to rush things so she went nice and slow! Licking and kissing her tight brownie!!
Sleeping Soundly
Michelle came home from class one day to find a her friend relaxing on her bed. Looking at how peaceful she looked, Michelle got really turned on. She knew this was the perfect opportunity to play with her cute friend. She walks up to her friend, bends over getting real close to her. Watch what she does next!
Sleeping Girl
Sue came home from class and found her roommate Terry nude on her bed. She was planning on resting before work, but seeing her naked roommate really turned her on. Sue slowly climbed onto the bed lightly touching her roommates firm ass. Watch as Sue plays with her roomie!
Sleeping Friend
Jean came home to her apartment during her lunch break. While she was relaxing her best friend Camie came over to visit her. She walked in and found Jean asleep. Looking at her cute tushy really turned her on. She walked over the bed and knelt down beside her. She quietly pulled down Joanne's panties and gave her tushy an erotic ass licking!
Firm Ass Licked!
Lisa had a long day at school and came home for her break. While she was relaxing her friend stopped by for a visit. The door was not locked so she just walked in. She found Lisa in her bed and was very turned on. She quietly climbed onto the bed and pulled down Lisa's panties. She then proceeded to give her ass a nice erotic licking!






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