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Michael got home from work and found his cute roommate sleeping in her room. No one was around so he decided to get his camcorder and make a video! He slowly opened her door and quietly walked over to the bed. He zoomed in on her pretty face, then slowly panned over her entire body. He pulled back the covers and video taped her beautiful firm ass. He couldn't resist the temptation of this beautiful girl and decided to pull down her panties exposing her round plump ass. After playing with her pussy a little bit he moved onto her ass, fingering and rubbing it. He got so horny thet he pulled out his cock and masturbated all over her cute ass!
Bonus Update From Jackie and her boyfriend just broke up so she was feeling terrible, so she decided to invite over her best friends, Alexa and Roxy, to make her feel better. She gives them a call and they arrive shortly afterwards. Alexa asks her if as nice ass licking would cheer her up, and that quickly made Jackie smile. Jackie responds by stripping off her clothes and the other two hotties follow suit. Next thing you know, her friends are tonguing her down and Jackie's bad day is her best day of the month!
Michelle came into the massage parlor to receive a nice relaxing massage. It turns out her masseuse was amazing at her job because Michelle became so relaxed she fell asleep right on the table. Once the masseuse realized she was a sleep, she gave her an erotic anal massage that she would never forget!
Betty came home from stripping and dancing on stage all night and flopped onto the bed and fell dead asleep. However her girlfriend, Kim, was wide awake and wanted some action. Betty was all curled up so the only opening Kim had access to was Betty's booty. This was good enough for her! Kim pulled down Betty's shorts and underwear and proceeded to give her a very sweet and passionate ass licking!
Kathy works out everyday, so once a week she comes to the massage parlor to relax. Her masseuse has a special technique to remove all her stress quickly. She massages her anus with her tongue, then gives a deep bead treatment by inserting a string of beads into her tight asshole! Kathy enjoyed it so much she's making another appointment with her next week!
After class Heather stopped by to visit her best friend Ashley and to hang out. She walked into the room and found her busty best passed out. She climbed onto her friend's desk and pulled back her shorts, exposing Ashley's nice firm ass. Heather then pulled down Ashley's panties and proceeded to give her a nice deep anal tongue fucking!
Alexandra went to the massage parlor downtown. She exercises a lot so she needs to see her masseuse on a regular basis. Alexandra explained to her masseuse Veronica that her main areas of tension were at her inner thighs and lower back. She got undressed while Veronica went out of the room to get some lube and a vibrator for the "special" massage. Alexandra was relaxed with a back rub and leg massage before Veronica pulled off her panties and probed her tongue into the real problem area, her ass! She got out the vibrator and gave Harmony a deep relaxing anal erotic massage!
Brian and Patricia met up together to pick up their friend Jenny for lunch. When the two got there, Jenny as dead asleep and still sporting her sexy pajamas. The tried yelling and shaking her but all that did was make her cute little ass jiggle, without waking her up. Looks like someone partied too hard last night! The two decided to leave her behind and go eat without her, but not before they licked her tight ass fora good ten minutes!
Elizabeth was referred by her friend to meet with a masseuse who specializes in erotic massage. Elizabeth has never been with a women before and is excited for her first time. The masseuse starts off by slowly undressing Elizabeth down to her panties. The masseuse then covers Elizabeth with a towel. She then gets to work rubbing and massaging her inner thighs and legs. She then slowly lifts up the towel exposing her soaked panties. By this time, she is so horny, she can barely keep her hands off of the masseuse. Watch as the masseuse fingers and dildo fucks Elizabeth's tight asshole in this amazing erotic massage movie!
Kelly and Brenda were supposed to go lunch together, but when Kelly arrived, Brenda was no where to be found. She searched the house and found her laying in bed, totally asleep. There was no way that Kelly was going to sit at a restaurant by herself, so she tried to wake her up, but Brenda wouldn't wake up. Kelly decided that if she wasn't going to eat out, she'd eat in by helping herself to Brenda's luscious ass!
Jenna was feeling stiff after having a lot of sex with her boyfriend. One sure way to relieve the tension is for her to visit her very cute masseuse. The masseuse started off giving Jenna a very deep tissue massage on her back, legs and arms. After she was done massaging her, she complained she was still feeling a little tension in her lower back. The nurse had just the solution! She pulled out her special anal toy and worked out all of Jenna's tension from the inside out!
Russel and his two friends, Heather and Regina, went to pick up their friend Jessica at the gym. But when the three of them got there, Jessica was fast asleep, passed out in the locker room. They tried everything in their power to wake her but nothing was working. The three of them decided to leave without her, but not before they were able to spoil their appetites with a good deal of ass licking first!
Greta had been practicing field hockey all week for tryouts on the weekend. She really needed to go to the massage therapist to have her back and legs ready. When Greg came in, Greta saw how handsome he was and began to get very wet. He massaged her back, then asked her to turn over. Greg pulled down her panties and massaged her asshole, and then stuck a vibrator to give Greta the best erotic massage she could have asked for!






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