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Hot babe comes into class and see's her classmate sleeping on the teachers desk, This babe was horny and has always had a crush on this hot blond! So she sneaks up and pulls her panties down, and began's to lick her asshole, she continues to lick her asshole for a long time! Watch this amazing video to see what this blond does!
Janice stopped by the classroom to see her teacher, but when she arrived she found her teacher just sleeping on the table! Janice decided see how far she could get with her teacher sleeping! She pulls up her teachers skirt and pulls down her green panties, and begins licking her black tight asshole! Watch the entire movie to see what happens when the teacher wakes up!

Jenna always had a crush on on her roommate, she always admired her great bubble butt, always fantasized about eating her, it was early AM and Jenna notices her roommate is sound asleep, at first she just watches her but then decides to go play with her amazing bubble butt, as she pulls her panties down she sees her beautiful tight pink asshole and she starts licking and fucking it. Truly amazing scene.

Gina came home to her apartment after work and found a girl sleeping in her bed. It turns out one of her roommates had a party and a girl passed out in her bed. Gina was really pissed off and tried to wake her but the girl would not wake up! Gina then got a very naughty idea. She lifted up the girls skirt and checked out her ass. Gina was very impressed so she decided to pull down her panties. After pulling her panties down she bent over and gave her a very deep ass licking while she was sleeping!
Danielle was feeling stressed after a long day of work and went to visit her favorite masseuse at the massage parlor. She was using Michelle now for almost 2 years, and has become very comfortable with her. She became so comfortable that during the massage she fell asleep! While she was sleeping the masseuse decided to give Danielle an extra special massage. She lifted up her towel and after checking out her ass gave her a very erotic and sexy massage!
Jamie had a break between her classes so she decided to take a little nap in her truck to rest up for a night of partying. She turned on the air conditioner in her truck and laid down and fell fast asleep. While she was resting one of the girls from her class happened to walk by and find her sleeping in the back of the truck. The doors were unlocked so her classmate climbed into the truck and gave her a surprise ass licking and anal fingering while she was sleeping!
Lori visited the massage parlor for a nice relaxing massage. She stripped off her clothing and laid down on the table to receive a full body massage. The massage was so good she fell asleep! That's when the masseuse decided to take advantage of this situation. She lifted up the towel exposing Lori's firm breasts and tight ass and gave her a very erotic full body rub down.
Brianne woke up out on the street next to her friend Patricia. Both are homeless after being kicked out of their apartment last week after not paying rent. After just waking up, looking at her friends's cute tushy really started to turn her on. She quietly pulled down Joanne's panties and gave her tushy an erotic ass licking!
Kelly met Lily at a party one evening and discovered that she was a masseuse. Lily invited her for a private session since they had become friends. Kelly came by the next day for the massage. Lily started with a back rub but Kelly's sexy body was way too much for her. She quickly started in on her ass and took off her underwear. She gave her a deep anal massage with her fingers and tongue!
Jessie stopped by her best friends Allison's house for a surprise visit. She walked into the room and found Allison resting on the couch. Jessie walked over and bent down. She pulled down Allison's panties exposing her nice juicy ass. She then bent over and gave her ass a deep erotic tongue fucking!
New Doctors Get Hands On Medical Training
Special Bonus From Gwen visited her Doctor because she needed to get a physical before she could join her college cheerleading team. Her Doctor as well as the nurses in training gave Gwen a very thorough exam. They started off by feeling her perfect firm breasts. Next she received a deep gyno examination. They finished off the physical with a deep anal exam and rectal thermometer.
After a long day at work Brittany visited her local massage parlor for a quick back rub. Her normal masseuse was out sick, so she was matched up with a pretty girl named Christina. Christina started off working on her back, and slowly moved down to her legs. The massage was so comforting that Brittany fell asleep! Christina then focused on her tushy and gave her an anal massage!






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